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I see what you are saying, and I gave it a try, and for some reason
MailScanner starts on it's own.  Thinking about what I have running on my

I realized that I had made a config change in /etc/rulesdujour/config and
SA_RESTART="/etc/init.d/MailScanner restart";

I changed this line to "/root/";  and then turned off
MailScanner with 'service MailScanner stop'....rebooted, I have looked
into all my cron jobs, and there is nothing that I can see in cron that
would specify MailScanner.  I am not sure what else to check.   About one
minute after a reboot MailScanner starts automatically.  What am I
missing here?

On 10/7/05, Julian Field <MailScanner at> wrote:
      It's a bit more intelligent than that.
      If you do a "service MailScanner stop" it creates a lockfile
      in /var/lock/subsys/ When the hourly cron job
      runs, it detects the presence of this file and doesn't then
      start up MailScanner.

So all you need to do is a "service MailScanner stop" and it will
stay stopped. No need to mess around with the cron jobs at all.

On 7 Oct 2005, at 15:45, Information Services wrote:

      Okay,  I did the 'chkconfig --list MailScanner' and saw
      the different run levels turned on.  So yes, I can see
      that 'mailscanner' is not the way to go.  I ran
      'chkconfig --levels 0123456 MailScanner off' and
      rebooted.  Still the same problem.  Denis, I didn't
      even thought about the cron.hourly job for
      check_MailScanner.  I removed this from the
      cron.hourly, and rebooted....currently wait for system
      to reboot.......okay rebooted now.

      Looks like removing the check_MailScanner from the
      cron.hourly fixed it.  now when I do a 'service
      MailScanner status' I get an error for
      and  This would be expected.  now
      when I decide to use MailScanner on this system, I just
      need to remember to add  check_MailScanner back into

      Nate, thanks for clearing up difference between
      "MailScanner" and "mailscanner," this could have
      continued to haunt me in other situations.


      On 10/7/05, Denis Beauchemin <
      Denis.Beauchemin at> wrote:
            Information Services wrote:

            > I have a CentOS 4.1 system with
            MailScanner loaded for the possibility
            > of using in one or our remote
            locations.  I have gone into the GUI
            > services and took the check out of
            MailScanner and Sendmail to startup
            > at boot, but that did not seem to keep
            MailScanner from starting on a
            > boot.  I did a chkconfig and turned off
            all mailscanner levels, and I
            > must not understand the purpose of
            chkconfig, but once again
            > Mailscanner has decided to when the
            system is booted.  What can I do
            > to keep MailScanner from running when the
            system is rebooted?**

            Maybe /etc/cron.hourly/check_MailScanner is
            restarting it?

            OTOH, are you sure MS is completely
            disabled?  Do "chkconfig --list
            MailScanner" and make sure it is off in all
            run levels.

Julian Field
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