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Mon Oct 3 22:25:50 IST 2005

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On Monday 03 October 2005 10:18, Jon Miller wrote:
> If I create a rule that checks the body content for certain words, can I
> just keep adding words to this one rule? It's to my understanding that SA
> will search the body of the e-mail for the words that are listed.
> example:
> body BodyTest_RULE /porn market penis calis/ i
> score BodyTest_RULE 4.0
> describe BodyTest_RULE This body test rule

Close, but no cigar ;)  The bit between the /.../ is a Perl regex and is 
matched, basically, as literal string.  To achieve what you are trying, the 
correct syntax is:

body BodyTest_RULE /(?:porn|market|penis|calis)/i

You may want to add the word-boundary delimiter "\b" before and after the 
parenthesis.  This will cause a match of each of the words but only if they 
occur BETWEEN word boundaries.

There's a great Perl regex primer at:

FWIW, the words you're trying to catch are usually heavily obfuscated so 
simple key-word matches are usually ineffective.  A number of people 
(including myself) have written custom rulesets for SpamAssassin that you can 
just load up and save yourself a heap of time and effort.  Google for the 
"SpamAssassin Rules Emporium" and here's the shameless self-promotion:

Hope that helps.


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