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James Gray james at
Mon Oct 3 22:34:07 IST 2005

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On Monday 03 October 2005 09:52, Jon Miller wrote:
> I've put in a rule that seems to be failing the --lint test.  What I'm
> looking for is in the subject line since there is a # there is this not
> treated as a remark or is this read as normal information?
> Rule 28


> # 28 Subject: $B;(;o$G$*Fk\@w$_!#CO0hJL$K??7u$J=P(B
> header PROLO_GSPAM28 Subject =~
> /\$B;\(;o\$G\$\*Fk\@w\$_!#CO0hJL\$K\?\?7u\$J=P\(B/i score PROLO_GSPAM28 8
> describe PROLO_GSPAM28 Spam - Custom rule setJames

You need to escape "\", "!", "#", AND the "@" (not sure about the semi-colon 
but when in doubt, escape it anyway).  So (assuming no escaping of the ";"):


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