email being rejjjcted fro unknown domains

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Mon Nov 7 22:49:56 GMT 2005

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> Just to put thoings staight,
> Thanks for the help you two but it was my own stupidity.
> I forgot to add the DNS servers to the server so it could not compare
> the addresses.
> After doing that the mail was recieved just fine.
> So sorry for waisting yours.
> Just noticed that my mail log has the following error in it.
> dccproc[number] : open/dcc/map: No Such File exists.
> Looked in the dcc directory and can't find my map file.
> is there an easy way to rebuild it? or should I go asking on the dcc
> support area?
> Thanks again
> Lance

This should be installed by default. It typically resides in:


Check the permissions. They should be: 

-rw-------    1 root     root         4480 Jul 17 21:13 /var/dcc/map

Probably just reinstall DCC would bethe quickest way to fix.


Stephen Swaney
Fort Systems Ltd.
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