MS and *gulp* Qmail

Res res at AUSICS.NET
Sun Nov 6 12:30:51 GMT 2005


On Sun, 6 Nov 2005, Dhawal Doshy wrote:

> Res writes: 
>> Hi All,
>> Has anyone got a simple how-to on this?

> You have 4 options
> a. Use a MS + sendmail/postfix front-end server to the qmail server (will 
> require extra hardware).

not  possible, we are also a carrier, and  host many vISP mail  domains

> b. Use MS + sendmail/postfix on the same server and change the port for qmail 
> to a different one (say 2525)

as above

> c. Use Openprotect, they do a decent job for qmail integration. I also run at 
> least 4 of them with qmail.

this looks only possible goer, its at a cost isnt it...i doubt my biosses 
will go for it

> d. See for 
> instructions on manually integrating qmail with MailScanner. 
> hope that helps,

thats the one we've tried and doesnt work. see the dilema :)


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