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Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Mon May 23 17:25:12 IST 2005

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Kevin Miller said:
> It should be mentioned that you may lose a bit of legitimate mail this way
> however.  Trying to ping Mike off list, my mail wouldn't go through, since
> my MS gateways don't know anything about legitimate addresses which are
> currently in Exchange 5.5 and not accessable from the inet.  Although my
> address is valid, milter-sender rejected it on his end because it couldn't
> be verified.

Surly if your MS boxes are just relays, Milter-Ahead should get a 250
reponse when it tries to send your address a challenge message so I can't
see why it shouldn't work. It would fail if it can't verify the address
(Gets a 550 bounce) or can't route the domain/ host.

This is how the Postfix equivilent works. I have had failures from forums
and automated messages when the sender has been a daemon user account on a
host without DNS e.g. apache at host.system.main.tld when the user e-mail
address format is just user at main.tld. Their host addresses are not handled
at their gateway and the host's port 25 is blocked at the network boundry.

Have I missed something?


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