Authenicating users

Kevin Miller Kevin_Miller at CI.JUNEAU.AK.US
Mon May 23 17:43:43 IST 2005

Drew Marshall wrote:
> Kevin Miller said:
>> It should be mentioned that you may lose a bit of legitimate mail
>> this way however.  Trying to ping Mike off list, my mail wouldn't go
>> through, since my MS gateways don't know anything about legitimate
>> addresses which are currently in Exchange 5.5 and not accessable
>> from the inet.  Although my address is valid, milter-sender rejected
>> it on his end because it couldn't be verified.
> Surly if your MS boxes are just relays, Milter-Ahead should get a 250
> reponse when it tries to send your address a challenge message so I
> can't see why it shouldn't work. It would fail if it can't verify the
> address (Gets a 550 bounce) or can't route the domain/ host.

My understainding is Exchange 5.5 doesn't do the milter-ahead thing.  To get
a user list out of 5.5, I'd have to export LDAP data, massage it, etc.
There's a FAQ or a MAQ on setting it up, but it entails bones, feathers,
masks and rattles and I've never felt inclined to tackle it.  Exchange 2003
can easily be set up to reply to an address challenge apparently so when
we're on it, milter-ahead should respond appropriately.  Can't wait...

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