first message spam, next spam gets whitelisted?

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Tue Mar 29 22:54:53 IST 2005

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Fractal IT Dept. wrote:

> Hi Matt,
> Sorry, the order of the messages was backwards because MailWatch
> displays them in reverse chronological order. When I refer to the first
> message, I mean the one that arrived earlier in time, which was the
> second one as displayed. :-)

Yes, I understood that. In fact, if I misunderstood that part, I
wouldn't have suspected forwarding :)

> In this case your guess was bang on. Upon further investigation, it
> turns out that the first email address forwards to the second. So how do
> we get around this? If it's checked for spam the first time through and
> tagged, we want it to stay tagged as spam when it gets forwarded.

Well,  it already was tagged. Take a look at the subject of the
whitelisted message. It's already got a spamtag. Nobody removed it.

Therefore, it already is "staying spam tagged", at least in the in the
subject and body, you're just getting a different X-*-SpamCheck  header
that doesn't indicate spam.

Basically all that's happening is mailscanner isn't tagging it a second
time. But it's already been tagged, so that's not a huge problem unless
you later filter by header.

If the header rewrite is a problem, your best bet would be to do the
forward in a way that doesn't re-deliver the message all the way up
through the MTA.

Is the forward being done on your MailScanner box, or on some other box
which then feeds the message back to the MX for the second domain?

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