first message spam, next spam gets whitelisted?

Fractal IT Dept. itdept at FRACTALWEB.COM
Tue Mar 29 16:02:11 IST 2005

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Hi everyone,

I'm seeing a bunch of messages these days that look like this:
[  ] 29/03/05 06:29:57 itbe_1e3925a6a26ccc4b151239a39c588a...
sara at {**Spam?**} IT Secur... 35.6Kb 7.75 W/L
[  ] 29/03/05 06:29:40 itbe_1e3925a6a26ccc4b151239a39c588a...
sara at IT Security--Ignoran... 33.7Kb 6.06 Spam
So from what I can see, a message comes in to this user and is correctly
tagged as spam. Then 27 seconds later, another (likely duplicate) message
from the same spammer comes in for the user's email address on her other
address, gets even higher spam but is whitelisted. Needless to say, this
spammer is not in the spam.whitelist.rules file.

Obviously my question is: how do I stop this from happening? And why is a
higher scoring message being let through to the user's inbox as
whitelisted (when it isn't) when an identical message only seconds before
was correctly tagged?

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