Problem with MailScanner, postfix and corrupt mails

Dean Jones dean at SAHRA.ARIZONA.EDU
Mon Mar 28 16:52:09 IST 2005

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Any more updates on this experiment with perl 5.6?

On my Solaris, postfix, perl 5.8.4, mailscanner system i managed to find
an error with file permissions on a cyrus library that was causing some
mailscanner grief very infrequently
since fixing the file perms i have yet to have a corrupt mail.

so it is looking like pilot error at this point :)

Robert Waldner wrote:
> On Wed, 16 Mar 2005 17:46:19 +0100, Robert Waldner writes:
>>If I don't hear about someone having this problem with 5.6, I'll start
>>rebuilding a test-box with that tomorrow.
> I've built a box with perl 5.6 now, and it's delivering mail since
>  yesterday. This is in a pool with 2 other (perl 5.8) machines which
>  do exhibit the problem with corrupt mails.
> The 5.8 boxen have each had 2 resp. 3 mails "corrupt" in the last 24
>  hours, the 5.6 one had none.
> To make matters a bit more interesting, I couldn't get the same MS on
>  the 5.6 as on the 5.8 machines, eg the perl 5.6 machine now runs:
> ii  libcompress-zl 1.16-1         Perl module for creation and manipulation of
> ii  libconvert-tne 0.16-2         Perl module to read TNEF files
> ii  libmailtools-p 1.44-1woody2   Manipulate email in perl programs
> ii  libmime-perl   5.411-3        Perl5 modules for MIME-compliant messages (M
> ii  libnet-perl    1.09.01-1      Implementation of Internet protocols for Per
> ii  libnet-server- 0.87-3         An extensible, general perl server engine
> ii  libtime-hires- 1.20-4         High-resolution time manipulation in perl
> ii  libtimedate-pe 1.11-1         Time and date functions for perl.
> ii  liburi-perl    1.30-1         Manipulates and accesses URI strings
> ii  libwww-perl    5.64-1         WWW client/server library for Perl
> ii  mailscanner    4.30.3-1       An email virus scanner and spam tagger
> ii  perl           5.6.1-8.8      Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report
> ii  perl-base      5.6.1-8.8      The Pathologically Eclectic Rubbish Lister.
> ii  perl-modules   5.6.1-8.8      Core Perl modules.
> (Sorry, "MailScanner -v" doesn't work).
> I'll leave it running until next week, but this sure looks like a Perl
>  bug to me.
> cheers,
> &rw

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