Mailscanner blocking legit .zip files

Scott Silva ssilva at SGVWATER.COM
Mon Mar 21 17:28:36 GMT 2005

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Brian Lewis wrote:
> Mailscanner is blocking .ZIP files that have a .exe in them!  Well almost
> every zip file has a .exe, thus the problem!  What could be configured
> wrong that would cause a .zip with .exe's inside it to be blocked?
If you read MailScanner.conf you will find the following;
# The maximum depth to which zip archives will be unpacked, to allow for
# checking filenames and filetypes within zip archives.
# Note: This setting does *not* affect virus scanning in archives at all.
# To disable this feature set this to 0.
# A common useful setting is this option = 0, and Allow Password-Protected
# Archives = no. That block password-protected archives but does not do
# any filename/filetype checks on the files within the archive.
Maximum Archive Depth = 0

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