Blocking Unknow Users

Rakesh rakesh at NETCORE.CO.IN
Sat Mar 19 11:52:34 GMT 2005

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Felipe Tonioli wrote:

>Hi All,
>Is there anyway to block unknow users ? I mean. i will build a list of
>all my users that i will accep mail and check for spam virus .... all
>other mails out of this list will be ignored, will not be received,
>like u can do in access for sendmail ...
>I want to block this mail before reach my mailserver ... like access
>in sendmail ...
>my mailscanner box makes only a gateway i dont have any local users
>anyway to do that ?
>tks in advance
I have done this at the MTA level itself for a virtual domain setup
service hosting multiple domains and no local accounts. I explicitly
list the users for whom i want to accept the mails for rest I reject

blah at   OK   REJECT

that accepts mails only for and rejects others. Then the MTA
queues the mails. MailScanner processes it and requeues, MTA then relays
it to other Mailserver where the actual mailbox is located.

Rakesh B. Pal
Emergic CleanMail Team.
Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you. Then you win."
                                                - M. Gandhi

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