Spam that puts extra Subject lines in to avoid being quarantined/caught.

Rakesh rakesh at NETCORE.CO.IN
Sat Mar 19 08:52:28 GMT 2005

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Duncan, Brian M. wrote:

>Trying another time to mail the list about this type of Spamming.  We
>are starting to get allot more of these and I could not find anything in
>the archives dealing with this. (I looked again)
>Far down below is the original message I sent the list.
>Basically what I am seeing is Spammers that put two subject lines into
>the message.  Mailscanner only tags one of them. (99% of these have been
>ones that fail RBL check)  We have rules setup in exchange that, then
>say if message subject has xxx in it, stick it in their Suspect folder.
>(Exchange is only paying attention to the LAST subject line in the
>Anyway to get sendmail/Mailscanner to either cut out multiple subject
>lines, or to mark ALL of the subject lines in the headers?
>This is with mailscanner-4.35.11-1
I think Julian has already taken care of this issue in his latest Beta
release 4.40.5 .

 From his change log :
       Multiple "Subject:" lines are removed. The 1st one is kept.

Try it out.

Rakesh B. Pal
Emergic CleanMail Team.
Netcore Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you. Then you win."
                                                - M. Gandhi

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