How do I set Mailscanner to not use MSP?

RedRed!com IT Department itdept at REDRED.COM
Fri Mar 18 19:36:33 GMT 2005

Maybe I'm thinking too hard on this but, I can't seem to figure this
out. The problem is that when people are using webmail they cannot send
to any of our virtual host email domains. It is stating that the user is
unknown in the logs. I read that MSP does not work with virtusertable
and I need to be able to use virtusertable. It looks like MailScanner is
starting MSP in the /etc/init.d script. Can I just change the call to
sendmail in their to mimic the first call? Any help would be appreciated.

RedHat 7.3
Sendmail 8.13.3
MailScanner 4.38.7

Thank you.


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