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Chuck Foster chuck.foster at STREAMSHIELD.COM
Fri Mar 18 17:27:13 GMT 2005

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Sorry if this is a general discussion point, I hadn't spotted it in the
archives as yet.

There's a few places where TodayDir() gets called (and a couple where the
date is still calculated manually); the function uses the current time on
the server to generate the date string used, but this would mean that
there's going to be the odd time (sorry!) when it will flick from 23:59:59
to 00:00:00 whilst a message is being processed, so yielding two potential
dates for where a file might be quarantined/archived.

I think.

Would it be more beneficial to record a message's "date" within the object
itself, so that the same one could be used anywhere in the code relating to
that message without having to re-calculate it and potentially get a
different result? The reason this came up for me in the first place is that
I do some housekeeping in a custom function, one of which was to work out
where a quarantined message would be ... if the function is called on a
different day then ... oops! Having a $m->{date} type variable would be
quite invaluable!


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