Allow mail unscanned from localhost.

Rabie van der Merwe rabie at CT.DDSECURITY.CO.ZA
Wed Mar 16 14:57:05 GMT 2005

I did a quick check throught the archives and couldn't find anything persay,
so if there is something (please don't shoot:) ) then just point me in the
right direction.

I have MailScanner with sendmail, and have got MailWatch going as well,
I want to release stuff from the quarantine (anything files, spam etc etc
and the way MailWatch is doing it currently is by making a smtp connection
the local smtp server, so MailScanner then scans the mail again.

I there somewere in MailScanner that I can set a rule that if from
do not scan this message in any way shape or form?

I have found in their archives some suggestions, but it somehow breaks
and it allows ALL files through the scanner. (They suggested a filetype and
rule based on the From email address that pointed to a modified filename and
rule file that allowed everything, and then a default which points to normal
and name rules)


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