Dont Scan if from certain IP

Paul Houselander housey at SME-ECOM.CO.UK
Wed Mar 16 10:50:36 GMT 2005

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Ive got a server running mailscanner (call it server1) that scans a domain
for spam. In Mailscanner.conf I have

Use SpamAssassin = %rules-dir%/spam.rules

In spam.rules I have

To: default no
To: * yes

This server just relays mail onto another server (server2) which also runs
Mailscanner. I dont want mail that has been scanned on server 1 to be
scanned again on server2 so have

Use SpamAssassin = %rules-dir%/spam.rules in MailScanner.conf


To: default no
From: AND To: * no (where is the ip of server1)
To: * yes

in spam.rules

Problem is the mail gets scanned on both, is this the correct way to achieve
what im trying to do?



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