Problem with MailScanner, postfix and corrupt mails

Robert Waldner waldner at WALDNER.PRIV.AT
Wed Mar 16 06:14:08 GMT 2005

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 17:32:46 GMT, Julian Field writes:
>There is only 1 statement in the code that print the "PreDataString"
>which is where this text is put. After writing it (once) it forks off a
>pipe to print the message body, then prints the "PostDataString". To get
>2 copies of the PreDataString, something somewhere must duplicate it in
>the buffers.
>So there are just those 2 "+"-marked lines to add.
>If this doesn't fix it, then it really is beyond my control. I'm forcing
>it to flush the buffers absolutely everywhere, none of this should be

Thanks. I'll apply the patch as soon as I get to work.

-- sometimes transcode changes or adds new
-- features while your are encoding.
--                      - Thomas Oestreich

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