Problem with MailScanner, postfix and corrupt mails

Julian Field MailScanner at
Tue Mar 15 17:32:46 GMT 2005

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Robert Waldner wrote:

 On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:17:18 +0100, =?iso-8859-1?Q?D=F6rfler_Andreas?= writes:

 u sure it isnt a postfix problem ?

 It "smells" like a race condition of some kind, or a Perl bug. I only
 see this on machines that
 - are i386
 - actually notice the mails in their load
 - run MailScanner
 - run postfix

On machines that only meet three of the above criteria, this ain't a

There is only 1 statement in the code that print the "PreDataString"
which is where this text is put. After writing it (once) it forks off a
pipe to print the message body, then prints the "PostDataString". To get
2 copies of the PreDataString, something somewhere must duplicate it in
the buffers.

As 1 last attempt, try adding this:
---     2005-03-12 20:15:18.000000000 +0000
+++      2005-03-15 17:30:47.980045912 +0000
@@ -261,6 +261,7 @@
     if (not defined $pipe or not defined ($pid = fork)) {
       MailScanner::Log::WarnLog("Pipe creation failed in WriteHeader,
%s", $!);
     } elsif ($pid) { # Parent
+      $Tf->flush(); # JKF 20050317
       # Read the pipe a line at a time and write an N record for each
       while(<$pipe>) {
@@ -276,6 +277,7 @@
       $Tf->flush(); # JKF 20050307
       waitpid $pid, 0;
     } else { # Child
+      $Tf->flush(); # JKF 20050317
         or MailScanner::Log::WarnLog("WriteMIMEBody to %s possibly
failed, %s",

So there are just those 2 "+"-marked lines to add.
If this doesn't fix it, then it really is beyond my control. I'm forcing
it to flush the buffers absolutely everywhere, none of this should be

Julian Field
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