Bayes is gone

Dhawal Doshy dhawal at NETMAGICSOLUTIONS.COM
Tue Mar 15 11:13:13 GMT 2005

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Martin Hepworth wrote:
> Anders
> yes. might want to do it with salearn --backup & --restore options rathe
> r than copy..
> --

Umm this is where bayesSQL has a huge advantage.. force-expire, sync,
backups and restores are much faster (< 5 seconds).. and the fact that
all your servers lookup to a single bayes_db. No expired files is
another feature. The overhead isn't much either.

If you are not too keen on the mysql dependency, a couple of scripts
will help you backup / restore to sql from various servers on a nightly
basis thus keeping all your dbs in sync with each other.

- dhawal

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