Released beta 4.40.4

Stein, Mr. Fred FStein at THEHILL.ORG
Sun Mar 13 17:06:04 GMT 2005

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It is running well for me.  Centos 3 postfix.
Fred Stein 
Network Administrator 
The Hill School 
717 E. High Street 
Pottstown, PA 19464 
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	Sent: Sat 3/12/2005 4:19 PM 
	Subject: Released beta 4.40.4

	I have just released a new beta-test version, 4.40.4.
	This release is mainly for fixes to the Bayes database rebuilding, and
	for more Postfix testing.
	I have replaced my spam.assassin.prefs.conf and now use a very slightly
	modified version of the one provided by Fortress Systems (thanks
	Steve!). The change is to maintain compatibility with all previous
	versions that keep their Bayes files in ~/.spamassassin.
	Also the RAR archive handling is greatly improved.
	Download it as usual from
	The full Change Log is:
	* New Features and Improvements *
	- The "clamavmodule" scanner cannot unpack archives of RAR version 3.
	  2 new configuration settings allow you to unpack the latest RAR archives
	  for testing by the "clamavmodule" scanner.
	  It also enables the contents of the RAR archive to be checked for illegal
	  filenames and filetypes, and also to see if they are password-protected.
	  Unrar Command = /usr/bin/unrar
	  Unrar Timeout = 50
	- "Allow Password-protected Archives" can now be a ruleset when using the
	  clamavmodule virus scanner.
	- Multiple "Subject:" lines are removed. The 1st one is kept.
	- If the "Unrar Command" is defined and points to an executable program,
	  it will automatically be used by the "clamav" scanner. No -wrapper
	  tweaking is needed to do this any more.
	- You can now use shell environment variables such as $HOSTNAME or
	  ${HOSTNAME} in MailScanner.conf and its relatives.
	- More improvements to the phishing net.
	- More additions to the starter file.
	- Removed my spam.assassin.prefs.conf file in favour of the one from, with just enough changes to produce an identical file
	  layout to my previous versions.
	- Re-enabled ALL_TRUSTED rule after comments from Matt Kettler. Thanks!
	- Added long comment about ALL_TRUSTED rule, many thanks to Matt Kettler.
	- Improved screen behaviour of RPM-based init.d script.
	- Greatly improved RAR archive handler, thanks to Rick Cooper.
	* Fixes *
	- Fixed problem with missing Attachment-Warning when encountering a virus
	  that is both silent and non-forging.
	- Improved output format of Sender warning, and removed duplicate lines.
	- In IPBlock facility, changed MTA dsn to 451 to temporarily refuse the
	  connections, rather than the total block it used to do.
	- Removed erroneous log output from SpamAssassin bayes-rebuilder.
	- Postfix problem fixes.
	- Fixed SpamAssassin Bayes database rebuild timeout problem (hopefully!).
	Julian Field
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