SpamAssassin gumming up the works

Sat Mar 12 22:01:21 GMT 2005

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Stephen Swaney wrote:
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Julian Field wrote:
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Tattoo "DURRR" on my forehead.  I did two things:  1) I install to
and symlink to /opt/MailScanner when I upgrade.  At first I linked to
the wrong damn
version.  Fever.  Blame fever.  And tab completion.  2) even after I
fixed the link, I still
didn't actually *stop* MailScanner, I just kept issuing HUP signals, so
of course the (very)
old version was still running and failing.  Again, blaming fever.

It appears to be working just fine now, sorry to bug you guys and thanks
for the
quick responses.  I'm going back to bed.  Bleh.


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