Bayes rebuild timeout problems

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sat Mar 12 20:53:19 GMT 2005

Hi Julian,

> While someone is waiting for an exclusive lock on a file, shared locks
> are still handed out freely if 1 process already has a shared lock. So
> while some processes have shared locks, other processes can get shared
> locks, despite the fact that someone else is waiting for an exclusive lock.
> So it doesn't show up when you have Max Children = 2, but gets more
> likely to show up as you increase the number of children beyond 3.
> I now have a 2nd lock file, signalling that a process is requesting an
> exclusive lock to rebuild the bayes database. If that 2nd lock file
> exists, the other processes don't even try to ask for a shared lock,
> they sit quietly waiting for it to disappear. That way the number of
> shared locks gradually drops to 0, giving the exclusive lock a chance at
> success. Once the exclusive lock succeeds, the Bayes rebuild can start.
> All the other children are now safely locked out while it rebuilds.
> This will have to be in a new beta, as it isn't a simple change and
> affects 2 files.

If you have something to test let me know.

I am running a SA3.1 beta, but that should be all the same.


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