Panda not working

Paul Welsh zen23003 at ZEN.CO.UK
Fri Mar 11 19:08:50 GMT 2005

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> Hm well, when I tested a bit more it went as one could expect...
> Since I don't actually pay for any panda license, I don't have
> a valid login to get the updated sig file... Which means that
> Panda was fine finding old bull-droppings like Netsky/Somefool
> but missed all of the newer ones.
> ISTR you mentioning that there was some problems using the
> latest sigs? Or are those results with the latest sigs?
> I'm sure you already know, but if you want MailScanner to get
> the updates for you, you're supposed to edit the
> panda-autoupdate script with your login info.
> And you're pretty much right about my relative tiredness:-).
> ... Just whish there was a simple way to make it work in
> _one_ pavcl call instead of one/file. Pavcl is a dog,
> performancewise, and this makes the script so slow it's
> actually detectable in the deliveryspeed when comparing MS
> with<>without panda... Sigh. And it nettles me that it works
> so poorly.

Hi Glen, I have an eval of Panda and have been using the latest
/usr/lib/panda/pav.sig file.  The signature download works fine; I edited
the panda-autoupdate to add my eval username/password.

Panda found nothing today either so I'm giving up on it.  Thanks again for
your help.

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