Problem with MailScanner, postfix and corrupt mails

Dean Jones dean at SAHRA.ARIZONA.EDU
Fri Mar 11 16:40:19 GMT 2005

Stef Morrell wrote:
>>Nope, that didn't fix the problem. Fresh bunch of mails in
>>postfix/  corrupt. Same "pattern" as before :(
> In contrast, I've not had a new one since moving the
> $Tf->flush();
> line. Maybe I just got lucky...
> Stef


I have been following this as well..

After installing the patches and moving the $Tf->flush(); i have had
only one corrupt mail so far.
It was the daily news headlines from the NY times.

on a related note i have been using a script postinject to re-send any
corrupt mails to their destination.
I stole the script off the net somewhere but here is a link to a copy.

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