Problem releasing a message

Isi Lawson isi at DAGGERSDEN.NET
Fri Mar 11 14:40:46 GMT 2005

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Problem has been fixed.  Thanks for all your help.  Here are the details

>> >    // Fix by Glenn Steen, to set an arbitrary smtp host
>> >    $mail_param = array('host' => QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST);
>> >    $body = $mime->get();
>> >    $hdrs = $mime->headers($hdrs);
>> >    $mail =& Mail::factory("smtp",$mail_param);

I changed the host back to 'localhost'

conf.php - quarantine setings
>> >
>> > // Quarantine settings
>> > define(QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST, "localhost.localdomain");
>> > define(QUARANTINE_FROM_ADDR, 'postmaster');

> Ah, looking at pear/Mail.php one can see that this is actually a kludge
> in prepareHeaders, to "qualify" local addresses. Set it to
> define(QUARANTINE_FROM_ADDR, 'postmaster at localhost.localdomain');
> or somesuch, to prevent that.

I qualified the QUARANTINE_FROM_ADDR 'postmaster at'

It seems that it works just fine now.  I tested releasing and training
combinations just to make sure but didn't get any hiccups.

Thanks Glenn and Steve (and everyone else) for your help. (either one of
you have a wish list)

-- Isi

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