Panda not working

Paul Welsh zen23003 at ZEN.CO.UK
Thu Mar 10 19:26:41 GMT 2005

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> Paul, could you try this panda-wrapper?
> Think I got something right this time, although it still is a 
> terrible kludge:).
> Testing on my system got hold of Eicar at least...:).
Hi Glen

Thanks so much for your help on this, but I'm at the give up stage on this
one and I expect you are too.  I installed your new wrapper and restarted
MailScanner at about 7pm last night and Panda worked for a bit.  Here's what
happened compared to Bitdefender:

Mar  9 22:10:52 mail MailScanner[29900]: Virus Scanning: Bitdefender found 1
Mar  9 22:10:59 mail MailScanner[29900]: Virus Scanning: Panda found 2
Mar  9 22:11:56 mail MailScanner[29968]: Virus Scanning: Bitdefender found 2
Mar  9 22:12:12 mail MailScanner[29968]: Virus Scanning: Panda found 4
Mar  9 22:24:33 mail MailScanner[29962]: Virus Scanning: Bitdefender found 1
Mar  9 22:24:39 mail MailScanner[29962]: Virus Scanning: Panda found 2

So far, so good.

However, today so far Bitdefender has found 44 infections whereas Panda
hasn't found any.  My guess is that something went wrong when MailScanner
restarted at midnight, but I could be wrong.  Note that Panda still finds
the eicar when I enter /usr/lib/MailScanner/panda-wrapper /usr /tmp

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