MAILSCANNER Digest - 6 Mar 2005 to 7 Mar 2005 - Special issue (#2005-69)

Julian Field MailScanner at
Thu Mar 10 18:22:36 GMT 2005

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"Danny Harris"@KILI.JISCMAIL.AC.UK wrote:

>>Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but for some reason our
>>(4.37.7) has picked up the above digest as having "Other Bad Content
>>Detected", citing "Too many attachments in message" as the reason? We have
>>the default 200 set in MailScanner.conf. A quick browse of the archive
>>somewhere around 180 postings since the previous digest, so I guess the
>>other graphics must have tipped it over the 200 limit. I guess that there's
>>a bit of tweaking needed on the number of posts before a "Special Issue"
>>digest is created?
>Ok, no response so I assume that no one else had this problem and that I've
>done something stupid in my MailScanner settings? What is the default Max
>attachments allowed in more recent versions? What should the setting be to
>prevent the special issue digest getting caught in future (I've upped mine
>to 220 for now)?
>Any hints gratefully accepted,
I don't think many people get this list as a digest, so most people
won't see this problem at all. Just increase the number to a point where
it stops being a problem. As long as your MailScanner server is
reasonably big, you probably won't hit a problem until it hits several
hundred attachments. I can't see setting the limit to 300 causing you
any trouble.

Julian Field
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