Rules Du Jour and local domains

Jim Coates jimc at LARIDIAN.COM
Thu Mar 10 18:01:13 GMT 2005

What are the thoughts of using Rules Du Jour in a business environment?

Are the rules included pretty safe for an environment where you expect a
certain amount of business correspondence?

I've recently upgraded my SA installation (which helped a great deal!) and
am looking to keep rules up to date.

Also, is there a good tutorial for setting MailScanner to not scan emails
sent from the local domain users?

I have it set to not scan, but with that in place spoofed
email addresses aren't scanned either.

I also tried it via the local IP, but then it doesn't scan emails grabbed by

Thanks for being patient with me.. I'm new to the list and trying to get our
install working properly.

Jim Coates
Laridian, Inc.

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