Problem releasing a message

Isi Lawson isi at DAGGERSDEN.NET
Thu Mar 10 15:30:05 GMT 2005

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I applied the patch to detail.php:

   // Fix by Glenn Steen, to set an arbitrary smtp host
   $mail_param = array("localhost" => QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST);
   $body = $mime->get();
   $hdrs = $mime->headers($hdrs);
   $mail =& Mail::factory("smtp",$mail_param);

and made the conf.php changes:

// Quarantine settings
define(QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST, "smtp server FQDM");

  - i tried a number of things here
  - localhost, short name, full name

and i am still getting this error:

Mar 10 10:26:17 abaddon postfix/smtpd[20462]: connect from
Mar 10 10:26:17 abaddon postfix/smtpd[20462]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from
localhost.localdomain[]: 504 <localhost>: Helo command rejected:
need fully-qualified hostname; from=<postmaster at localhost>
to=<demo at> proto=ESMTP helo=<localhost>
Mar 10 10:26:17 abaddon postfix/smtpd[20462]: lost connection after RCPT
from localhost.localdomain[]
Mar 10 10:26:17 abaddon postfix/smtpd[20462]: disconnect from

Any thoughs?


>> In this case you are rejecting "non-FQDN HELOs/EHLOs", which is IMO a
>> good thing. You do this at MTA(postfix) level. Fine.
>> Making the changes to MailWatch so that you can specify
>> define(QUARANTINE_MAIL_HOST, 'abaddon.');
>> in conf.php will cure your problem (think it's in cvs and will be
>> in the (hopefully) imminent 0.6 release... Or look for messages by
>> me around Feb 07 on the MW list... Really minor change, so you might
>> as well do it "by hand").

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