MAILSCANNER Digest - 6 Mar 2005 to 7 Mar 2005 - Special issue (#2005-69)

"Danny Harris" at KILI.JISCMAIL.AC.UK "Danny Harris" at KILI.JISCMAIL.AC.UK
Thu Mar 10 15:22:56 GMT 2005

>Don't know if anyone else has seen this, but for some reason our
>(4.37.7) has picked up the above digest as having "Other Bad Content
>Detected", citing "Too many attachments in message" as the reason? We have
>the default 200 set in MailScanner.conf. A quick browse of the archive
>somewhere around 180 postings since the previous digest, so I guess the
>other graphics must have tipped it over the 200 limit. I guess that there's
>a bit of tweaking needed on the number of posts before a "Special Issue"
>digest is created?

Ok, no response so I assume that no one else had this problem and that I've
done something stupid in my MailScanner settings? What is the default Max
attachments allowed in more recent versions? What should the setting be to
prevent the special issue digest getting caught in future (I've upped mine
to 220 for now)?

Any hints gratefully accepted,


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