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Thu Mar 10 09:03:12 GMT 2005

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Kai Schaetzl wrote:

>Brady Tucker wrote on         Tue, 8 Mar 2005 18:35:00 -0600:
>>I'm assuming that the bayes
>>DB gets so big that doing the expire job only once/day it takes to long to
>>finish and it gives up and tries again repeatedly ?
>Exactly, that's the problem. Additionally, if your db builds up over a long
>time and expiry eventually kicks in it's quite possible that it cannot find a
>good expiry delta because of the algorithm they use for this. That can extend
>the run to several minutes and can even fail completely to expire. Running the
>expiry regularly prohibits building up of token data which could spoil the
>expiry. (The algorithm for expiry takes time of last run, last delta, expected
>reduction and one or two other things into account and if it doesn't produce a
>sensible figure which could match the expected expiry maximum SA will try to go
>thru ten trial loops which can quite often fail.)
>  (even when running in
>>tmpfs)????  I don't know why..
>There's a timeout for SA in mailscanner.conf. As I understand if that occurs
>the operation gets called off. Which means expiry also gets called off in the
>middle of operation.
No, the expiry is handled quite separately. Or it is supposed to be :)

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