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James Gray james at
Wed Mar 9 21:23:01 GMT 2005

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On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 07:45 am, Michael Baird wrote:
> Heh guys, this may not be a problem directly related to MailScanner, but
> I'm having issues with spams that are just graphics (Viagra Cheap), they
> score very low and make it through. What is the best way to handle these
> types of spam, tweak the spamassassin scores a bit? Update to the latest
> spamassassin? Just looking for advice on the subject.
> Regards
> Michael Baird

I have a few "RAWBODY" rules that look for MIME boundaries that describe
embedded graphics.  They score around the 0.9 mark.  Then I have some other
RAWBODY rules that look for the first few bytes (in BASE64) of each of the
graphics.  I've found these spammers send the *same* embedded GIF with a
picture of 4 pills - the graphic is identical making the BASE64 detection
easy :)  I've also increased the score of some of the standard SA rules
which catch base64 encoded content too.

Have a look at raw message and grab the strings that match what you're
seeing.  Alternatively, post a copy of the message on a website somewhere
and I can grok it for you and post back here the rules I derive from it :)


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