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Julian Field MailScanner at
Wed Mar 9 17:38:33 GMT 2005

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Chris Conn wrote:

> Kai Schaetzl wrote:
>> David Lee wrote on         Wed, 9 Mar 2005 10:04:39 +0000:
>>> Thanks, Julian.  That would be appreciated by many people.
>> I don't see that Julian can do much or even little about this. The
>> problem
>> happens because the bayes_expiry takes too long. This can only happen
>> on a
>> corrupted db or a large db. If you get quite a few messages (I think it
>> should be at least a few 10.000 per day, I don't have such a system, I
>> can't compare) running thru your system the latter is likely the case.
>> There are two options then: stop bayes_expiry at all (which will keep it
>> growing, but may work out) or do it on a scheduled basis. You can also
>> tweak the db size either to be very small (reducing the amount of
>> time it
>> takes to expire) or rather large (so that the automatic expiry is
>> unlikely
>> to happen). But this is all SA-related, not MS. Please go over to the SA
>> list and talk about your problems. If people just keep whining here,
>> nothing will change, since the developers don't know that it happens so
>> frequently. And if the problem is not related to what I think the SA
>> list
>> is better suited for that anyway.
> Hello and thank you for your helpful perspective...Have you read what Mr
> Field has replied to me?  I believe you are missing the point:
> Here is the quote:
> "
> Looks like I need to take another look at this again.
> One process doing a Bayes rebuild should lock out all the other
> processes from trying to use SA, or it should make them wait.
> What is the value of your "Wait For Bayes Rebuild" setting?
> "

Yes, this is definitely a bug. It should disable SpamAssassin and wait
quietly while the bayes rebuild is done, if that is how it is configured
(which your system is). Obviously the file lockout I am using is not
working as I intended. I hope to have a chance to look at this soon.

Julian Field
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