bug? using unrar

[ISO-8859-2] Marcin Ro¿ek marcin.rozek at IOS.EDU.PL
Wed Mar 9 09:07:02 GMT 2005

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Rick Cooper wrote:

> Ok that makes sense as a standard exe would return a null string to the
> unrar lb and UnPackRar would exit right then and there. But there is
> obviously an issue with the name being duplicated, that should not happen..
> unless. Oops! That version doesn't have the revised handling of being unable
> to rename safe names. I think Julian has something coming that would prevent
> that from happening as well. I would still like to test that archive.
Yes. The problem is that DBF.EXE is self-extracring rar archive which includes
few files with the same names as other files in .zip archive. It is easy to
reproduce. Make 3 text files and name them eg file1, file2, file3. Make .rar
archive eg archive.rar and pack file2 and file3. Then, make .zip archive that
includes file1, file2, file3 and archive.rar. When you send that .zip archive
through MailScanner the problem will occure.

 > In the help for my version of unrar it is -y and not -Y.
 > Can you confirm please?
If it is safe to overwrite already unpacked files (are they already scanned?)
then -y can be a solution.


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