User unknown in virtual alias table

Derek Winkler dwinkler at ALGORITHMICS.COM
Tue Mar 8 14:16:01 GMT 2005

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Are you sure it's not your forward or report addresses that aren't found?

Some log entries would really help.

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Subject: User unknown in virtual alias table

MailScanner 4.37.7-1
SpamAssassin 3.0.2
Postfix 2.0.20


I've just moved mail services from a server running older versions of
the above software to the newer versions listed. In testing, I've
noticed something that seems odd to me. When I send a message to my
address from yahoo with the gtube spam testing string, my mail server
sends back an error message saying "user unknown in virtual alias
table." The user (myself) is definitely in the virtual alias table and
receiving mail just fine. When I send normal mail from my yahoo account
it is delivered without any problems.

Anyone have any idea what's happening here? Is there some kind of
feature in MS or SA that is sending back a "user unknown" error to trick
spammers into taking the address of their list?


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