Panda not working

Paul Welsh zen23003 at ZEN.CO.UK
Mon Mar 7 23:37:25 GMT 2005

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> Ok, this one has pimples the size of Everest, but could you 
> just try it
> out Paul? To run it as MailScanner does call it like:
> /usr/lib/MailScanner/panda-wrapper /usr -aut -aex -heu -nso -cmp -esp
> /tmp

Hi Glenn

OK, this worked.  Thanks very much.  

The output is messy when you use the -AEX option on a whole directory, but I
guess this command:

/usr/lib/MailScanner/panda-wrapper /usr -aut -aex -heu -nso -cmp -esp

would be more similar to the way MailScanner will use it and this gets the

Virus: 1##Base: /tmp/ '' => Eicar##

I'm a bit puzzled why you included the -ESP switch because that changes the
output to Spanish.

Now I'll let MS run for a while with the eval version and then I'll install
the free version and see if the free version is capable of using the latest
update file; Panda support suggested not.

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