Outstanding feature/fix requests?

Marcel Blenkers marcel-ml at IRC-ADDICTS.DE
Mon Mar 7 22:19:13 GMT 2005

Hi there,

sorry for not making myself clear:

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, Julian Field wrote:

> Sorry, I do not understand you.
there is the following option:

# When you quarantine an entire message, do you want to store it as
# raw mail queue files (so you can easily send them onto users) or
# as human-readable files (header then body in 1 file)?
Quarantine Whole Messages As Queue Files = no

This option works for Mails detected as spam and for Mails detected with

I had to set it to no, due to the fact that the Script Quarantine-Report
needs the spam-Mails not to be 2 queue-files but one Mail.

So, everyone on my system receives the Daily Report and is able to get the
Spam-Mail if needed.

But, if there is a virus mail, and the user wish to receive this mail, i
could use the command:

sendmail -toi user at domain < messagefile

Problem with that is the following:

The Mail gets received by sendmail-in, checked with MailScanner again, and
again it is stated as vrus infected.

If i could set the option
Quarantine whole message as queue

for spam and virus seperatly, the user could get the daily report again,
due to the fact that these spam-mails are saved as one file, and, if
needed, i could post the 2 queue-files with the virus infected mail into
the sendmail-queue, so the virus infected mail get mailed without scanned

As i could change the not to scan option int localhost, but as i do send
mails from shell, i would like to get mails scanned if i do send them from
shell as ordinary user.

I hope i made myself understood now :)



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