[Slightly OT] Phishing detection

Alisdair Davey ard at PERGAMENTUM.COM
Mon Mar 7 17:38:48 GMT 2005

> > A quick question for people. The IT depeartment of the
> > univesrity I used to
> > work out just sent out a note about its virus scanner Macafee
> > detecting a
> > phishing attack. I use Clamav and F-Prot onmy mail gateways
> > and see plenty
> > of detections of phshing attacks from clamav, but none from
> > fprot. If you
> > use a different virus scanner can you let me know if it
> > detects phishing
> > attacks. Feel free to email me personally and I'll summarize
> > to the list.
> I use mcafee, clamav and bitdefender. Both mcafee and clamav detect
> phishing, with clamav being the one catching the most. Bitdefender
> does not do phishing, so... fprot isn't alone in this... and not
> entirely wrong either. Phishing is after all not really a virus type
> of thing. But having the click-happy users I do, I do appreciate that
> both clam and mcafee do detect/remove most:-).
> I've never seen a phish that clamav missed but mcafee caught.
> And if one wants to eb sure any phishing is real obvious, why not use
> MS phishing net?

Very true - may I take it from the lack of other responses that clamav /
mcafee are the only two virus scanners to detect phishing attempts as viruses?

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