Vicious Circle

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>>I am at a loss, the root of the issue is I have 100k messages a day,
>>some just *might* be legitimate address misspellings, I can't drop all
>>bounces. But the vast majority are trash.
> I think you have a "fault" in your reasoning here. The responsibility
> (and thus requirement to produce bounces) for a message is not yours
> until after you've accepted the message. So if you do, as many here have
> already recommended, reject (with a 550) any unknown recipients/domains,
> then the resposibility to generate a NDN/NDR would still be _the sending
> MTAs problem, not yours_.

Ahh, I understand now, but if I reject with a 550, won't that cause my
MailScanner box to then generate the bounce back to the original server?

Foreign Server -> TLS-MailScanner -> TLS-Toaster

How are others Using MailScanner in front of pop toasters handling this
issue? It is looking as if moving the "User Check" to the MailScanner
machine _is_ my one good option.



> So there really is no reason for you to avoid this strategy, there is
> little -> no risk that "valid but misspelled" messages would disapear...
> Anyway... That would be THEIR problem, not yours;).
> Spammers don't seem to use real MTAs so this strategy is pretty
> effective in reducing spam volume, and it effectively removes the
> risk that you would be used for generating "backwash" or NDN-spamming.

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