Outstanding feature/fix requests?

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Sun Mar 6 23:30:58 GMT 2005


>>> Virus Scanning = $HOME/.mailscanner/virus-scanning-rules
>>> Allow Password-Protected Archives = $HOME/.mailscanner/zip-scanning-rules

>> That means you would have to have all users on the MS box, in my case I
>> have several clients with more than 10000 mailboxes in Exchange and my
>> MS boxes have around 10 system accounts, I don't want to maintain all
>> those users on my boxes.

> Yes, all our users are on the MS box. So you're saying it shouldn't be an
> option even for those MS installations which do have all accounts on the
> box? Because everyone doesn't have exactly the same setup, nobody should
> have the option?

If you parse all those homedirs ANY user can put in foney data cant they?
I would not want to break my install with that...


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