Outstanding feature/fix requests?

Dan Hollis spamtrap71892316634 at ANIME.NET
Sun Mar 6 23:09:25 GMT 2005

On Sun, 6 Mar 2005, Peter Bonivart wrote:
> Dan Hollis wrote:
> > Virus Scanning = $HOME/.mailscanner/virus-scanning-rules
> > Allow Password-Protected Archives = $HOME/.mailscanner/zip-scanning-rules
> That means you would have to have all users on the MS box, in my case I
> have several clients with more than 10000 mailboxes in Exchange and my
> MS boxes have around 10 system accounts, I don't want to maintain all
> those users on my boxes.

Yes, all our users are on the MS box. So you're saying it shouldn't be an
option even for those MS installations which do have all accounts on the
box? Because everyone doesn't have exactly the same setup, nobody should
have the option?


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