Vicious Circle

Dave Goodrich ldg at TLS.NET
Sun Mar 6 05:12:28 GMT 2005

Julian Field wrote:

> Do all the bounces contain a consistent subject line? Add a rule in
> sendmail to reject messages whose subject lines match some words?

I could but I don't want to reject any valid messages. While the chance
that one rejection in one thousand ( I'm being very generous here )
really is a valid message with a misspelled address, I want to handle it

I'm still watching the queue and the growth has slowed down. I have set
Double_Bounce_Address to an empty string in both my and my, changed my queue lifetime to 24 hours from 48. All double
bounces are now being dropped and messages are being removed from the
queue faster.



> Dave Goodrich wrote:
>> I really hate spammers, no really, I hate them. The world does not need
>> these people.
>> I have two mailscanner machines listening on the outside, both use
>> mailertable to route to my mail toasters running qmail/vpopmail. I had
>> been getting buried with dictionary attacks so I installed chkuser to my
>> qmail-smtp daemons. Excellent, now my qmail queue is dropping, load is
>> coming down, no more deliveries to non-existant users.
>> Unfortunately now my MailScanner machines queues are filling up with
>> these insidious undeliverable bounces. Arrrrgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>> I have MailScanner reset so it can process the additional messages,
>> increased my number of processes to 5 per cpu (10) and MailScanner is
>> pushing them right on through. Good. I've set Sendmail's
>> Double_Bounce_Address to an emtpy string which should drop double
>> bounces.
>> But my outgoing queue continues to grow with bounces becuase I can't
>> deliver the "No User Here" bounces from my toasters.
>> I am at a loss, the root of the issue is I have 100k messages a day,
>> some just *might* be legitimate address misspellings, I can't drop all
>> bounces. But the vast majority are trash.
>> Whats a sysadmin to do?
>> DAve

Dave Goodrich
Systems Administrator
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