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Dave Goodrich ldg at TLS.NET
Sun Mar 6 05:04:10 GMT 2005

David H. wrote:
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> Dave Goodrich wrote:
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> | Whats a sysadmin to do?
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> Sorry for being blunt, but you should read this list more carefully :)

It's one I read every message from, every day.

> milter-ahead or milter-sender are your friend. If they are not to your
> liking
> you may implement your own milter using the Perl Milter API. Using those
> three
> techniques or LDAP based routing/lookups for sendmail you can easily
> avoid the
> bounces :)

It's not the bounces I want to stop. It's the fact that I have bounces
to mailservers that don't exist, won't accept connections, are not where
the message originated from. The mechanics of the mail process I can
deal with, it's the deceptive practices of spammers.

I don't know if a bounce is valid until I try to send it. Either the
bounce message is accepted or not. If accepted, chances are it was a
valid bounce. If not, then it is to late, I've already processed the

If I understand what you and most others are suggesting, I should move
my user validation from the toasters to the MailScanners. I thought of
this, and I think it could be done since my vpopmail is using MySQL
auth. However that would not stop the bounces.

Unless I totally misunderstand.

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> What's a TLS Spam blocker ? :)

Marketing Speak for SpamAssassin + custom rules + MTA blocking +
SquirrelMail SA preferences.


Dave Goodrich
Systems Administrator
Get rid of Unwanted Emails...get TLS Spam Blocker!

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