Vicious Circle

Dave Goodrich ldg at TLS.NET
Sat Mar 5 17:10:24 GMT 2005

I really hate spammers, no really, I hate them. The world does not need
these people.

I have two mailscanner machines listening on the outside, both use
mailertable to route to my mail toasters running qmail/vpopmail. I had
been getting buried with dictionary attacks so I installed chkuser to my
qmail-smtp daemons. Excellent, now my qmail queue is dropping, load is
coming down, no more deliveries to non-existant users.

Unfortunately now my MailScanner machines queues are filling up with
these insidious undeliverable bounces. Arrrrgggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have MailScanner reset so it can process the additional messages,
increased my number of processes to 5 per cpu (10) and MailScanner is
pushing them right on through. Good. I've set Sendmail's
Double_Bounce_Address to an emtpy string which should drop double bounces.

But my outgoing queue continues to grow with bounces becuase I can't
deliver the "No User Here" bounces from my toasters.

I am at a loss, the root of the issue is I have 100k messages a day,
some just *might* be legitimate address misspellings, I can't drop all
bounces. But the vast majority are trash.

Whats a sysadmin to do?


Dave Goodrich
Systems Administrator
Get rid of Unwanted Emails...get TLS Spam Blocker!

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