Virus being missed. (assumed)

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Mar 4 20:16:11 GMT 2005


> What file? I downloaded and installed
> BitDefender-Console-Antivirus-7.0.1-3.linux-gcc3x.i586.rpm. when I run
> any commands i.e bdc --update I get errors: BDC/Linux-Console v7.0
> (build 2490) (i386) (Dec 10 2003 16:11:35)
> Copyright (C) 1996-2003 SOFTWIN SRL. All rights reserved.
> Error: core initialization failed: Libfn initialization failed
> I did an online chat with BitDefender but no Linux admins were
> available to help...sorry try back later...

> Take the RPM and alter the MS config.... not that hard ;)

What about letting MailScanner update it?


Finds them just fine:

vmx02/current:Mar  4 21:05:49 vmx02 MailScanner[15570]:
infected: Win32.Bagle.BG at mm

vmx02/current:Mar  4 21:07:04 vmx02 MailScanner[15532]:
infected: Win32.Bagle.BG at mm


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