SAVI-Perl/Sophos on RedHat Enterprise 4

Rick Cooper rcooper at DWFORD.COM
Fri Mar 4 13:17:35 GMT 2005

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> I saw the same thing yesterday with Mail::ClamAV 0.14 on Solaris 9.
> No way would I install a perl module that can't pass its own tests.
> I had to revert to clamav instead of clamavmodule in MailScanner.conf
> as a result, due to my symlink issues posted yesterday.
> Jeff Earickson
> Colby College

If you look at the test file he has forgotten to add CL_SCAN_ARCHIVE() to
his scan requests so it's not unpacking anything, and the scanbuff function
is depreciated and the clamav authors have asked that no one use it anymore,
and will remove it entirely in release 0.90.

I modified the test file to include the CL_SCAN_ARCHIVE(), and everything
except the scanbuff tests return ok (and they are not used in MS anyway),
and just to make sure I turned on verbose tests and everything was as it
should be. I forced it because it works when it is called correctly (as it
is in MailScanner).


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