Which Bayes files?

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Thu Mar 3 16:04:35 GMT 2005

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Quick query (which really boils down to my reading of the syntax of a
specific comment in Mailscanner.conf):

I'm running Mailscanner 4.38.10 and SpamAssassin 3.0.2 on a Debian-Sarge
  server, with Exim 4.44 (all from Debian's testing packages).

Both exim and mailscanner run as the user 'Debian-exim'.

I have:
SpamAssassin User State Dir = /var/lib/MailScanner

in Mailscanner.conf
This file tells me that:

# The per-user files (bayes, auto-whitelist, user_prefs) are looked
# for here and in ~/.spamassassin/. Note the files are mutable.

Leaving aside the fact that I dunno what "mutable" means in this
context, what does '~' mean. OK, it's a home directory, but is it the
home of the mail recipient or of the 'user' that MailScanner's running as?

Asking that another way (humour me for completeness!), which bayes files
is SA looking at in my case?

And: Is there any way I can get MS to tell me where it's looking, or how
much Bayes data (if any) it's finding to work on? I get the odd feeling
I'm sending the training data to the wrong place at the moment...

Ok, so not such a 'quick query' as I thought, but at least I worked out
the earlier '70 errors in spamassassin --lint -D' issue before annoying
the list with it ;) (Answer: SA was finding a set of rules from a 2.64
install and getting very upset).

The return on these questions should hopefully be of use - I'm about
halfway through writing a "Guide to installing Mailscanner on
Debian-Sarge" which will *thoroughly* cover my recent experiences of
installing this combination. It should be online later today.

Richard George,
        MEng (Electronics D.Trip), University of Southampton :)

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