bayes 00

David Curtis DCurtis at SBSCHOOLS.NET
Thu Mar 3 14:34:00 GMT 2005

I think my bayes is messed up. I have several dozen e-mails that I think
are spam. The rule for bayes_00 is letting it through.
Here is the score:
X-SBSD-MailScanner-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (score=3.294,
 required 3.75, BAYES_00 -2.60, DCC_CHECK 2.17, DIGEST_MULTIPLE 0.10,
 HTML_90_100 0.02, HTML_IMAGE_RATIO_02 0.02, HTML_MESSAGE 0.00,
 MIME_HTML_ONLY 0.18, RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_51_100 0.06, RAZOR2_CHECK 1.51,
X-SBSD-MailScanner-SpamScore: 3

Any idea?

This email may contain information protected under the Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) or the Health Insurance
Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  If this email contains
confidential and/or privileged health or student information and you
are not entitled to access such information under FERPA or HIPAA,
federal regulations require that you destroy this email without
reviewing it and you may not forward it to anyone.

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