OT: blocking RFC/best practices violators

John Rudd jrudd at UCSC.EDU
Thu Mar 3 01:03:20 GMT 2005

There's sort of three questions here:

1) I seem to recall a tool on a web page that you could tell it your
domain and it would tell you what RFC's and bad practices you were
violating (things like "you don't have a postmaster address at your
mail server" and "you don't have an MX server for your domain", etc.).
Anyone know which one I'm talking about?

2) anyone know of an RBL that is build around that concept?  For
example, we've got a problem lately with some senders coming from
domains that are either violating an RFC (no postmaster) or something
that HAS to be a best practice violation.  Ex: sbcglobel.net (which is
not sbcglobal.net, a valid ISP) where the domain has an MX record ...
to a host that evaluates as localhost.  So, bounces and vacation
replies and such just clutter up our queue for a long while.  It would
be nice if there was an RBL that had multiple lists/return codes that
covered different types of problems like this, or places whose contact
with abuse.net bounces, or they don't have a postmaster address, etc.

3) anyone know of an existing milter that covers that example (if
sender domain has an MX record that gets you to 127.x.y.z, then reject
the message)?

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